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Ontario Trophy Brook Trout

All inclusive, Ontario trophy brook trout fishing trips no matter how you like to catch them! We cater to spin fishermen, fly fishermen and trollers that love big brook trout. For most of us, fishing for wild brook trout (speckled trout) close to home means small stream fish. They are beautiful but seldom exceed 8-10 inches long. Fishing for wild trophy brook trout (speckled trout) is a sport that many can only dream about. Many of the best Canada brook trout lodges take days of travel and cost many thousands of dollars. For those who do make the trip, usually it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Kwagama Lake Lodge is different.

Kwagama Lodge is close by for many fly fisherman. It is south of Wawa, Ontario, and only two hours north of Sault St. Marie, Ontario, a convenient location for most of the midwest U.S. and Canada. It’s close to Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York and Quebec.

Kwagama Lake Lodge is an easy drive for thousands of fishermen yet it is one of the most secluded brook trout lodges. The Lake Superior Provincial Park protects Kwagama Lake and the lodge from development from the west, south and north. On the east side is the Agawa Canyon which halts encroachment from the east. Guests fly in by float plane from Hawk Junction, or they take a 3-4 hour off-road excursion provided by the lodge. It’s this seclusion that provides Kwagama Lake fishermen an amazing opportunity for wild, Ontario trophy brook trout.

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Canada Trophy Brook Trout

The video at right will give you a great overview of Kwagama Lake Lodge and the trophy brook trout that our guests come to Canada for! We welcome fly fishermen, but we are not just a fly fishing lodge. Our trophy canada brook trout can be caught on a variety of techniques including crawlers, spoons, spinners, and a variety of wet flies, dry flies, and streamers. Each pair of guests is provided a 14′ aluminum boat with a 9 horse Yamaha outboard. Some of our fishermen fish right from their boat and others choose to beach it and wade along shore or even fish from a float tube. Kwagama Lake is a great place for kids to learn fishing and to enjoy a memorable family vacation!

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Brook Trout of Kwagama Lake

Kwagama Lake is loaded with wild brook trout (also known as speckled trout or “specks”). Kwagama’s typical brook trout is 15 to 19 inches in length. On occasion, fishermen catch a 12 inch fish. Likewise, on occasion, they will also catch a trophy brook trout that exceeds 22 inches.

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Kwagama Lake has no minnow base, other than its natively spawned brookies. It could almost be named “Scud Lake” for its huge population of the small freshwater shrimp that our trophy brook trout thrive upon. Its these scuds as well as a variety of insects that make up the Kwagama brook trout’s diet.

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There are no roads to Kwagama.

Our only access to the outside world is with 4x4's via a private trail or by float plane via
Hawk Air Service. Learn about traveling to Canada.

Kwagama Lake

Kwagama Lake is nestled among the mountains that border the eastern shore of Lake Superior. Kwagama Lake is the largest lake in the immediate area. It’s one mile wide and four miles long and part of Ontario's Algoma District.

No Pollution in Kwagama Lake

Kwagama Lake is at the top of the water shed, so no pollution flows into it. Since no rivers flow into it, there is no opportunity for other species to establish themselves in the lake. Because of this unique setting high in the mountains, the water of Kwagama Lake is pristine and crystal clear. Massive underground springs feed the lake with pure cold water that allows the brook trout (speckled trout) to thrive. Brook trout (speckled trout) are the only species of fish in Kwagama Lake. It is truly an unspoiled mecca of native brook trout! The flesh of these brook trout is bright pink because their diet consists only of scuds (freshwater shrimp), insects, and smaller brook trout.

Other Nearby Brook Trout Lakes

There are five other brook trout lakes that afford the adventurous fly fisherman plenty of opportunity to fish different waters. Some portage lakes are a short walk down the well marked trails, while other lakes are very secluded. These more secluded lakes might only be fished once every couple of years so they are truly an adventure to behold. While these lakes offer a unique adventure, they also require a rugged spirit and physically fit body to make the trip over the mountains and through the thick bush. There are also numerous streams and rivers for the fishers of moving water.

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Fishing Methods

Fly Fishing for Brook Trout

Fly fishing is a popular way to catch Brook Trout on Kwagama Lake. Many guests enjoy wading the shoreline, fishing from a float tube or in a boat. Flies that are popular at Kwagama Lake Lodge are many. Our guests that return year after year seem to prefer fly fishing with scuds (burnt orange and olive), wooly buggers (black, olive and brown), Griffiths Gnats dressed with a bit of red, Zug Bugs, Beck's Super Bugger, Royal Coachman, Caddis and Clousers. Fly fisherman favor rods in the 3 wt. to 6 wt. class. Some fish scuds just below the surface with a floating line. Others use a sink tip, and some prefer working wet flies and streamers deep with a full sink fly line.

spin Casting and Trolling for Brook Trout

Don't think for one second that Kwagama Lake Lodge is only for fly fishermen! Spincast fishermen are more than welcome and will find excellent fishing using a variety of methods. Sit back, relax and troll for that trophy brook trout with a night crawler behind a couple small spinners (a Hildebrandt rig)'s deadly on the specks! Others use small jigs and crawlers, or slip bobbers with crawlers just off bottom. Regardless of your preferred method of catch, our brook trout are here waiting to be caught by everyone!