Kwagama Lake

Kwagama Lake is nestled among the mountains that border the eastern shore of Lake Superior. Kwagama Lake is the largest lake in the immediate area. It’s one mile wide and four miles long and part of Ontario’s Algoma District.

No Pollution in Kwagama Lake

Kwagama Lake is at the top of the water shed, so no pollution flows into it. Since no rivers flow into it, there is no opportunity for other species to establish themselves in the lake. Because of this unique setting high in the mountains, the water of Kwagama Lake is pristine and crystal clear. Massive underground springs feed the lake with pure cold water that allows the brook trout (speckled trout) to thrive.

Brook trout (speckled trout) are the only species of fish in Kwagama Lake. It is truly an unspoiled mecca of native brook trout! The flesh of these brook trout is bright pink because their diet consists only of scuds (freshwater shrimp), insects, and smaller brook trout.

Other Nearby Brook Trout Lakes

There are five other brook trout lakes that afford the adventurous fly fisherman plenty of opportunity to fish different waters. Some portage lakes are a short walk down the well marked trails, while other lakes are very secluded. These more secluded lakes might only be fished once every couple of years so they are truly an adventure to behold. While these lakes offer a unique adventure, they also require a rugged spirit and physically fit body to make the trip over the mountains and through the thick bush. There are also numerous streams and rivers for the fishers of moving water.