Float Plane Brook Trout Lodge, or Come by 4×4!

Many of our guests arrive at our brook trout lodge by float plane. Hawk Air provides well maintained equipment and experienced pilots. Guest arriving in the morning can be on the water and catching fish before lunch. They gain almost a full day of fishing by flying in.

float plane fishing trip canada - brook trout lodge
You can reach us by float plane through Hawke Air, or we will drive in by private trails with 4×4’s.


Some guests prefer the romance of arriving the old fashion way…4×4! Originally all guests arrived by train and made the journey over the mountains to reach camp, but the train schedule has been changed in recent years and is very unreliable. Instead, we can drive you in by four wheel drive vehicle. It’s a several hour trip, and quite an adventure! The old roads wind their way around and over three mountains as they make their way to the north side of the lake. There is no backpacking or portaging once you get to our brook trout lodge, but we do have several nearby lakes if you’d like to go exploring!

rainbows at Kwagama Lake Lodge
The only rainbows you’ll be seeing on this trip at least!

Rainbows at Kwagama Lake Lodge

There are rainbows at Kwagama Lake Lodge. The rainbows that we enjoy are not the rainbow trout variety. They are the rainbows painted by Mother Nature herself. She blessed Kwagama Lake with a unique setting, close to the eastern shore of the mighty Lake Superior where interesting weather provides a variety of gorgeous, ever changing landscapes for the fisherman to enjoy.

Brook Trout Feed at Night on Kwagama

Most fly fishermen spend the day on Kwagama Lake. Some venture out in the evening. They find twilight to be a good time to fish on Kwagama Lake. Trophy brook trout are more apt to come into the shallows in search of leeches, scud and nymphs. Fighting and landing a 20 inch wild brook trout by moon light is a memory that you will never forget.

night feeding brook trout - canada brook trout lodge - northern lights
Our trophy brook trout love to feed at night on Kwagama Lake. Are you game?