Fish Kwagama Lake from Early May until september 30

Kwagama Lake Lodge has unique brook trout (speckled trout). The flesh of our trout is ruby red. They are the same color as sockeye salmon. Our brook trout spend their lives gorging on the large population of scud, crawfish, and freshwater shrimp that inhabit the lake. The scud are high in carotene which causes the unique color of our trout. Our portage lakes don’t have the same scud population and produce a trout that is the more typical grayish orange colored flesh. Our guests are always fascinated by the bright colored flesh of our fish.

flyfishing for big brook trout in ontario canada
Whether you’re a fly fisherman or a spincaster, big brook trout await you here at Kwagama Lake Lodge!

spinning, Trolling and Bait Casting are Great for Catching Trophy Wild Brook Trout

Kwagama Lake Lodge has become known as a prime destination for fly fishermen. Kwagama Lake’s unique fishery is revered by fly fishing purists. The crystal clear water, gravel bottom, mountainous surroundings and comfortable accommodations attract fly fishermen from all over the United States and Canada. We have even entertained guests from the Netherlands, Japan, Iceland, Germany, and the UK. But, don’t think for one moment that fly fishing is the only way to catch these wild brook trout. Many guests coax brook trout to the hook with spinners or a spoon as well as other artificial lures. Some guests even toss a leech or worm and bobber to catch these colorful fish. Of course, minnows are prohibited since we are careful to protect our resource from undesirable species.

Early Morning Brook Trout

In the early mornings Brook Trout can be found in the shallows as they wrap up a night of feeding on scud, leeches and nymphs. Morning is also a peaceful time to enjoy Kwagama Lake as the mist begins to lift when the sun rises. Since Kwagama Lake Lodge is the only camp (public or private) on the lake, it is never crowded but morning is especially quiet.

early morning brook trout fishing at kwagama lake lodge
Early mornings at Kwagama Lake Lodge can be an excellent time to land a trophy brook trout.