closeup native brook trout - beautiful native brook trout photo
Four generations of spincast and fly fishermen have been catching beautiful native brook trout at Kwagama Lake Lodge

For over 75 years, Kwagama Lake Lodge has been a native brook trout destination in a wilderness retreat! Four generations of spin fishermen and fly-fishermen have enjoyed catching and dining on our wild brook trout from the deep, cold waters of Kwagama Lake. At a time when rules, regulations and regiment have taken over many fishing destinations, it is rare to find a place like Kwagama Lake. Four generations after the lodge was opened, our guests continue to catch native trophy brook trout. We are proud of our results with fish management. Our position is closely aligned with that of Trout Unlimited and Fly Fishers International. We are confident that the grandchildren of our grandchildren will continue to catch wild trophy brook trout at Kwagama Lake Lodge. Enjoy what your grandfather, his father, and your father have enjoyed for years.

Trophy Native Brook Trout Photos

Our photo gallery shows recent pictures of our beautiful brook trout. The fishing is as good (some say better) than it ever has been. Our current pictures are a testament to the effectiveness of our resource management.

Kwagama Lake Lodge is fortunate to have a unique resource. We cherish our brook trout (also called speckled trout) almost as much as we cherish our guests. Because of the large population of brook trout in Kwagama Lake, the Ontario Ministry of Wildlife has actually suggested that more fish be harvested from Kwagama Lake. To accomplish this goal, our guests enjoy freshly caught brook trout while in camp and are welcome to take a few fish home. Of course, our guests must adhere to the Ontario fishing regulations.

trophy native brook trout fillets ready for the pan
The Ontario Ministry of Wildlife has actually asked us to harvest more of the native brook trout at Kwagama!

Reasonable Native Brook Trout Harvest is the Rule

Because of the seclusion of the lodge and the abundance of fish, Kwagama Lake Lodge is a bit more relaxed than many trout fishing destinations. Most guests understand that an old fish is a trophy fish. Our guests love to catch trophy native brook trout. We find that guests are most likely to keep and eat the brook trout in the 14-15 inch range. When bigger fish are caught, many of our guests choose to take a picture and then gently release the fish, especially those over 20 inches. Many of the larger fish never leave the water when caught. Our fly fishermen are as gentle with these big fish as they were with their first born child. They cherish the resource as much as we do. We are confident that Kwagama Lake will continue to produce superior quality native brook trout fishing for generations to come. Even our most conservation oriented guests are comfortable with our approach once they understand our resource.

Kwagama Offers a Helping Hand to Fishing and Conservation Clubs

If you are a member of a fishing club or conservation organization, contact us with the goals and projects that your group is involved in. We are interested in hearing about the projects being carried out in other parts of the continent by conservation and civic minded organizations. While we can’t be financially involved with every project we are told about, we are willing to help when we can. So, tell us about your group’s grandest project, and, if we can help, we will be delighted to do so.