Pricing * prices based on Canadian currency exchange at time of publishing and are subject to change and are not guaranteed until trip is booked and deposit is received. We accept Cash, Check, Credit Card (Visa and M/C).

Below please find our current trip pricing in both American dollars and Canadian dollars. We’ve also included our travel options for getting here, including a chart of current flight prices with Hawk Air.

Trip Pricing, per person plus tax
$560 U.S. /
$750 CAN
$665 U.S. /
$885 CAN
$750 U.S. /
$1000 CAN
$835 U.S. /
$1120 CAN
$925 U.S. /
$1230 CAN
All Trips Include
Meals • Accommodations • Boats • Motors • Fuel • Cleaning and Freezing of Fish • Introductory Guide Service



how You’ll Travel to Kwagama Lake Lodge

Option 1 – Fly-in on Float Plane by hawk Air

Hawk Air’s early morning departures give you the rest of the day to settle in and fish!

  • Hawk Air Service – Hawk Junction, Ontario.
  • Approximately 3 hrs north of Sault Ste Marie
  • 25 minute flight into lodge
  • 100lb baggage limit per person (will be weighed)
  • Prices based on the size of aircraft needed for the size of your group
  • During weekends, departures could run into the afternoon.
  • Excess baggage (Beer, Pop, and Spirits) can be prearranged with the lodge for a minimal fee. Glass beer or pop bottles are prohibited.
Flight Pricing by Group
1 - 2 People
$636 U.S. / $848 CAN
1/2 Otter
2 - 4 People
$1020 U.S. / $1360 CAN
5 - 8 People
$1560 U.S. / $2080 CAN
All aircraft costs are roundtrip and exclude taxes.
See table below for aircraft costs per person.
Per Person Pricing for Round Trip Flights
Group Size Price (per person) USD Price (per person) CAN
1 $636 $848
2 $318 $424
3 $340 $454
4 $255 $340
5 $312 $416
6 $260 $347
7 $223 $298
8 $195 $260
All aircraft costs are roundtrip and exclude taxes.



Option 2 – Off-Road Private Access

Due to the Canadian National (CN) Railway no longer running a passenger train, we have resorted to other means of transportation to suit everyone’s needs. We will pick you up in Frater (approx. 2 hours north of Sault Ste Marie) and bring you in through private access roads. The trip usually takes about 4 hours. From Frater, we start with 4WD trucks for about 40 miles through mountainous terrain. Then we unpack and load ATVs with trailers for another mountainous leg of the trip, which brings us to the NW edge of Kwagama Lake. Finally you and your gear will board a pontoon boat and get a nice tour of Kwagama Lake as we travel to the lodge on the SE side of the lake.

Pick up time in Frater is approx. 1:00pm EST on the day your trip starts. Drop-offs will be between 12:00 and 1:00pm on your last day of the trip. Please be courteous with the total weight of your baggage and pack fragile items accordingly. The terrain in our area is rough, unforgiving, and there is always a possibility of rain. Glass beer and pop bottles are prohibited.

Remember the difference between an adventure and an ordeal is your attitude!!!!

Pricing to be Driven in on Private Roads by Kwagama Lodge staff
$225.00 U.S. / $295.00 CAN
Price is round-trip, per person plus tax.
The trip takes about 4 hours from when we pick you up in Frater. Pickup and drop-off is 1:00pm EST. Prices help offset the cost of fuel and maintenance on vehicles.