traveling to Canada - float plane at Hawk Air
Hawk Air offers our fishermen a quick, convenient flight by float plane when traveling to Canada. You gain almost a full day of fishing!

When traveling to Canada for a fishing trip at Kwagama, you have 2 options for getting here:

Option 1 – Fly-in on Float Plane by hawk Air

Hawk Air’s early morning departures give you the rest of the day to settle in and fish!

  • Hawk Air Service – Hawk Junction, Ontario.
  • Approximately 3 hrs north of Sault Ste Marie
  • 25 minute flight into lodge
  • 100lb baggage limit per person (will be weighed)
  • Prices based on even numbered party (2, 4, and 6)
  • Odd numbered parties (1, 3, and 5) add $250 per party
  • Excess baggage (Beer, Pop, and Spirits) can be prearranged with the lodge for a minimal fee. Glass beer or pop bottles are prohibited.
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Option 2 – Off-Road Private Access

Due to the Canadian National (CN) Railway no longer running a passenger train, we have resorted to other means of transportation to suite everyone’s needs. We will pick you up in Frater (Approx. 2 Hrs. north of Sault Ste Marie) and bring you in through private access roads. The trip can take 3-4 hours. Starting off with 4WD trucks, then a mountain terrain ATV ride using our trailer system, and finish with a pontoon tour of Kwagama lake until you have reached your destination. Pick up time in Frater is approx. 1:00 PM EST on the day your trip starts. Drop offs will be between 12:00 and 1:00 PM. Please be courteous with the total weight of your baggage and pack fragile items accordingly. The terrain in our area is rough, unforgiving and there is always a possibility of rain. Glass beer and pop bottles are prohibited.

Remember the difference between and adventure and an ordeal is your attitude!!!!

traveling to canada for a brook trout fishing trip - wawa goose
This is the big goose statue in Wawa, Ontario. You might see this famous landmark when traveling to Canada.

Entering Canada from the United states

When traveling to Canada, many first timers are pleasantly surprised how easy to is to enter Canada. The Canadian people are warm and friendly. For most, the stop at the border involves a few questions. The typical questions are:

  • Where are you from?
  • Where are you going in Canada?
  • What is you purpose for entering Canada?
  • How long are you planning to stay?
  • Are you transporting any firearms, tobacco or alcohol?

That’s just about it, the Border Officer bids you a good trip and you are on your way. If you have further questions or concerns about traveling to Canada visit the links below to learn more.

Coming Back into the U.S. After Traveling to Canada

When you return to the United States after traveling to Canada, the customs officer’s role is to identify you and inquire about any products being imported to the U.S. With the proper paperwork it is a quick and simple process.

A goal of U.S. Customs is to make the re-entry in the U.S. efficient and easy for you. This ensures an enjoyable trip for travelers. At the border, you may be pleasantly surprised to be greeted by name when you pull up to the booth. The officer will ask about products being brought into the U.S. and bid you on your way.

Since July of 2009, passports have been required for identification at the border. This has made border crossing even more efficient than ever. The most common identification needed is a passport or an enhanced driver license. Getting a passport is easy. There is a link above that will let you search for a location to apply for one near your home or work. Use of a passport at the border makes your return to the U.S. especially easy. Check the government links above for official information.